WARDROBE: What to wear to a fall photo session

It’s the beginning to really look like fall out there and my fall sessions are going full tilt these days. Fall is the most popular time for families to get their photos taken. Fall can make for a very beautiful backdrop and wardrobe sometimes becomes a big deal when you are planning your photo session.

Here are some tips and tricks for planning what to wear for your fall or any photo sessions really.

1. Say NO to logos and large graphics.
2. Solid colours are generally better.
3. Layering is always great! Think Cardigans, scarfs, blazers.
4. Choose two main hues that you love and develop your scheme from there. Use the brightest colour — also known as the accent colour — sparingly.
5. Don’t forget to accessorize. Think flowery headband for the kids or a necklace for yourself.


I hope this helps with deciding on what to wear for your fall photo session!