"Thank you so much for bring our photographer on your special day! We absolutely LOVE our photos and can't wait to share them with our family and friends! We will TOTALLY let everyone know that you were our amazing photographer!" J+AA



"There is no one else that we would have wanted for our photographer. We cannot say thank you enough as we lost a family member and we will cherish those photographs for a life time." A+J



"We always do our fall photos with you because we're always in the city at that time. Bethany ALWAYS does a wonderful job, especially with our children." N+K



"When we had our baby girl we didn't want anyone else to photographer her until Bethany arrived. There was a no photo policy in our house until we had Bethany come. She always does a fantastic job. We cannot express what all of our photos mean to us." H+A



" Our wedding day...if we didn't have a photographer at our wedding I'm not sure if we'd remember it. The day went by SO fast but I remember how Bethany photographed us with such grace. Sometimes we hardly knew she was still there...THOSE photos that she was off taking were the moments I will cherish for a lifetime. I have hung one my fav photos in our family room right above the TV. Everytime I look at it it usually brings a tear to my eye because it was such an amazing day. I cannot express the amazing job Bethany did. She has a heart of gold...she might by quiet but the photos she will capture are amazing. Thank you from our hearts to yours." L+A



"We couldnt wait for our sneak peeks!!!
I remember opening my email in the morning and there it was our gallery. I had to call C right away and tell him to check his email.  We both sat infront of our computers in our offices in absolute awh. There isn't any other word I can describe. Bethany did such a beautiful job on capturing our day...the moments..the laughter. Bethany is such an amazing person with and without her camera. She will go beyond anything you ever expected." S+C