If you know me, then you will know that I have ALWAYS wanted to go to NewYork. I remember the first time I watched breakfast at Tiffanys....that was it. I just HAD to go. Especially to go to Tiffanys. Well....you will all be happy to know that on September 25th 2015 Cory and I made that real. Ibelieve I had the count down going since May.

There we were, two little Canadian bodies in a sea of New Yorkers. It was AMAZING. 

Here is a look of what our vacation looked like...Be prepared we jammed ALOT in these 10 days. We certainly did our research months before hand. We purchased our tickets a few months before hand (broadway tickets, NewYork pass; which got us into SO many places). 

- Arrived at airport
- Figured out cell phones & how to get from Newark to Manhatten.
- Arrived at hotel
- Went TO TIFFANYS (That's right...our first day...we went at 7pm.)
- New York Public Library (just outside as it was closed)
- We found a grocery (Food Emporium)
- Went on Hop off Bus (I highly recommend it). Why...simply to get a lay out of the land...and to get photos of some attractions). On the hop on hop off bus you can hop on where ever and jump off where ever. We stayed on for the whole round trip. 
- Central Park ( from Columbus Circle to East 79th Street)
- The Met Museum
- Trinity Church
- Wall Street
- Washington Square
- Circle line boat tour (evening boat tour)
- Central Park second half
- American History Museum
- Soloman museum
- Brooklyn Bridge

Here is a sneak of some of our photos from our amazing New York trip. Enjoy!!

Cory and I stayed at The Element Times Square for our 10 day trip to New York.  Our little home away from home was no bigger than a minute but it was pretty perfect.

We found when we were in Toronto we couldn't keep left overs, milk, yogurt or our 11pm ice cream run. This time for our travels we op'ed for a hotel that had some sort of fridge. One night while we were searching online for a hotel, we found a hotel with a small kitchen. It was perfect for our travel! 

The Element Times Square was located at the corner of 8th and W39th Street. Just around the corner was the Port Authority subway terminal. This was perfect because we took the subway EVERYWHERE. 

Our first day in New York we took a walk around our neighbourhood. We headed on 8th and travelled up to W57th Street.

The photo above is the Saint Patricks Cathedral. Its absolutely gorgeous. However yo get a good straight on photo of it was terribly hard. There was a HUGE group of tourist standing beside us. So, what does one do you ask? Jump out onto the busy street and snap a quick photo.

Across the street from Saint Patricks Cathedral, was the strong Atlas statue at the Rockerfeller Center.  Later on in the week we would travel ALL the way to the top to the Top of The Rock

Look what we found!!! Yes...that's right Tiffany & Co. Now...if you know me, then you know that since I was young I have wanted to go to Tiffanys.  The first trip in (yes we went two times) wasn't the best. We felt like they weren't taking us serious. Not one sale person was helping us as we wanted around for 45 minutes. Finally a sweet lady helped us with finding the flower ring. When we finally found it my heart was heart broken. The ring didn't stand up to the image on the website. I could have cried right there....but I waited. We left and I was full of disappointment. 
Three days before were were to leave New York we went back to Tiffanys. We spoke with a lovely gentleman and he found the RIGHT flower ring. We fell in love.

As we walked around the city we found this sculpture. I'm not sure what it was or where it was located but the light hitting the curves was amazing. 

Oh look what we found!!! Yes that's Grand Central Terminal and we couldn't wait to see the inside!!

As we headed out of Grand Central Terminal, I turned around and there it was in all it's gorgeous glory!!

Day two we headed out nice and early....When I mean early I mean we were out there door by 7am or 8am every morning. 

The second day we headed to a Hop on Hop off bus that would take us around Midtown, Little Italy, Wall Street and up to Central Park. I HIGHLY recommend taking this tour because it gets you up above the traffic and people. You get to see SO much!

Empire State Building

Now....Not on this day but on another...We did head to Macy's. This is location where my anxiety went through the roof. I REALLY wanted to do some shopping but the people jammed into this space was absolutely OVERWHELMING me. We needed to get out...and that's just what we did.

Ha...This is just for Cory...He didn't see the store or the sign, until I showed him the photo I took.

Oh this building has been on my New York bucket list. Here it stands in all it's Flat iron building glory. Thankfully there was a light that we had to stop at so I could grab this quick photo. Thank you NYC for that planning on street lights. We did later on in our travels head back and grab photos from the ground.

2015-09-26 09.21.43.jpg

We aren't too sure what this statue is but it's pretty neat!

From between the metal plates and the sails of the boats you can see the Brooklyn Bridge. 

Now if you are a fan of the show Gotham, then you will know that this is the Bellevue Hospital. It's not the photo that I wanted but what can a girl do when she's on the top of a tour bus.

Columbus Circle 

After our Hop on Hop off bus tour we headed to Central Park. We split this park into two days and we didn't get a chance to see the whole park.

Bow Bridge in Central Park

Welcome to the Met Museum!! Shannon this one is all for you! 

Cory and I roamed around the Museum for the next three hours. It's HUGE, we had a map and we still got lost.

The architecture of buildings in New York is absolutely stunning. In most of the museums I was much more interested in the design and the architecture then what the buildings held inside.

At this point we needed to sit and figure out where we were and where to head off next. Thankfully Cory knows how to use a map and where the exit is at all times.

This is Corys favourite spot in the whole museum. I do have to agree with him....It was pretty neat!

Times Square. It was EXTREMELY busy...but we made it from one end to the other.

Now from our hotel we could see this from the roof top balcony.

Today we travelled to 9/11 Memorial and Wall Street.
9/11 Memorial & Tribute (Now...this was a VERY sentimental location. As Cory and I were getting our camera ready for the days adventure.
There was a very sweet lady having a VERY hard time in front of the memorial. Me knowing me I automatically went over and gave her a hug. A complete stranger. At that moment the complete stranger needed a hug. Susan (the stranger) told me a story that her friend is dying from brain cancer due to the attacks. She showed me where her friend worked before the attacks. She talked about how the city stop that day and where we were that day. I explained we were from Halifax and then she hugged me again "You know what planes were diverted to Halifax those days. The world was greatfull for Halifax that day."  
I will certainly remember Susan and her stories from that day. I will remember embracing a total strange because she was in pain and stress. I should have taken a picture of her and I...but it wasn't on my mind. But I should have.

This is the building where Susans friend worked. 

This is where one of the towers stood. The waterfall was very soothing and I'm sure all the trees and rocks have a meaning. I wish I knew what that was.

This is one of the new towers. 

Now....yes...we are somewhat out of focus...but I HATE taking selfies with my cell phone. Atleast it's a photo of us both :)

This mural had memories of 9/11 with photos and notes.

Hard at work..I'm pretty sure he is looking for directions.

We found the Red Cube!!

Wheen we decided to go to Wall street is was a Sunday. VERY VERY good decision!! I wouldn't want to be down there during the week because it would have been an anxiety attack waiting to happen for me.

Trinity Church stole my heart. It as in the middle of the all stone and brick and where the money is.

To have this man in life my is absolutely wonderful. I am the luckiest woman on the earth to have someone like him. Cory makes me heart melt every time he smiles at me. He keeps me safe and extremely happy. Having share this amazing lifetime bucket list trip with Cory was SO fantastic!!

The Bull on Wall street was EXTREMELY busy. When I mean busy it was INSANE. Thankfully I am small and was able to sneak my way in and around all the tourist to grab this quick photo.

As we took in the 911 Museum it was very sensitive and as if you were speaking with the family members.

Between my soft quiet tears I was able to grab this quick photo of Cory reading all the notes from families.

This part of the 911 museum I was in absolute awe because paper cranes are a show of peace in your life. I however cannot make them....I try but I fail everytime.

This is what the new area of the towers will look. They are doing construction on the second waterfall to where the second tower stood. That funny spiky thing in the photo is where the subway hole is.

One evening we decided to head out on a evening boat tour around the island. It was spectacular.

While on our boat tour it was the blood moon. It was amazing! 

ooooooh the Brooklyn Bridge..Even at night it's beautiful!

Today is the day oh The Top of The Rock!

Cory was a trooper for me. He managed to get out on the balcony but that was as close as he was getting to the edge. It was all up to me to grab the images.

New York Public Library.

Off to Brooklyn we go! Little did I know this trip to Brooklyn would change our lives.

Manhattan Bridge

  Jane's Carousel ...And this is where the magic happened.

 Janes Carousel in Brooklyn (this is where my amazing now fiancee proposed).
On our first date 3 years ago, we went to a restaurant where Cory made me a paper crane from the little piece of paper that was holding the napkin together. Ever sine that day he has been making me paper cranes because I love them.
Well when we arrived at Jane's Carousel in Brooklyn. Cory put his backpack down and asked me if I wanted some water. Of course I would like some water she had just been walking and walking and walking. Low and below all of a sudden Cory brings out a game case with a little red box. Cory made me a paper origami Tiffanys ring. It's absolutely beautiful. This is better than any ring he could have gotten me. It is something special and amazing. To know he took the time to create something so special and meaningful for me....It means the world to me and I will wear it on our wedding day.

The next day we woke up early and headed off to the Solomon Museum.  We weren't allowed to take photos in this museum.

Now If some of you don't know what this is I am alittle disappointed with you. If I know what this location is....Then you should too. Think back to your childhood...

Cory was pretty excited that we found the location. It was hidden in plain view...unless you are looking for it!

Off to the wax museum we go.

Washington Square

On our last day in New York we set out to find the smallest property in New York. We grabbed a subways and headed out in the semi-rain.

We had such an amazing time in NYC. Its another item scratched off my bucket list. 

I cannot wait for our next adventure!