Merry is is need of ligament surgery

Merry is a huge part of our family and she has to go for surgery.

Our mother (Ellen) rescued Merry 8 years ago when she was just a puppy. 
Now if you know our mother she takes in any animal and helps them no matter the cost.

This time we are in need of help. Merry is in need of  surgery on her leg. The specific name is raptured cranial cruiate ligament. 
We have taken her to our animal hospital (Basinview) and Merry is in a great deal of pain. Where Dr. Yvonne has given Merry pain medication for the moment.

The surgery it self will cost up to $3000.00+. This does not include the medication for Merry after. 

Our mom has no clue that I am doing this. We simply can't afford the surgery but Merry can't be in pain. We want Merry to return to her favourite things; such as running, swimming at the lake, going for walks with our mom and all the fun things dogs like to do. 

With a donation of $60.00 I am setting up a special photography session (within HRM). Details coming soon.

If you are wanting to set up a donation you can contact me directly at  

Love & Laughter
As well as the rest of the MacIsaac family, especially Merry dog.