Sessions will happen on the BLT trail (St. Margarets Bay road), Hydrostone and Point Pleasant Park.

One family per sessions. If you are looking for extended family to join it - please book a mini sessions per family. 
* Chat with Bethany about multiple sessions.
Session bookings will start September 22nd - Oct 22nd. These sessions will happen in the evenings. Do you see that golden sun in the evening? That’s the best time to have your session. If that can’t happen that’s okay. We will chat about a time that is best for everyone.

All images are hand edited and you will be provided an online gallery of images selected from your sessions.
You will receive 10 edited images through online storage. If you don’t have access to a computer I would recommend asking a family member to download your images for you.

$30.00 non-refundable deposit due upon booking your session. The best way for payments is through Email Money Transfer. This provides you and I both a record of payment. All money due 24 hours BEFORE your session.

I will send a digital contract through once I receive this information. The contract and non-refundable deposit are needed to keep your date, location and time of the session. 

Alot of clients always ask to wear for their sessions. CLICK HERE and you can see some ideas I have put together for fall sessions.

I can’t wait to hear from you!!
Love & Laughter
Bethany and at the moment my sidekick Linus (our son)

OH!! Before I forget. If you have already spoke to me regarding your sessions. CLICK HERE because you don’t have to fill out the information below. You can skip right to the contract.

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Phone number (so we can text or phone if needed)