Halifax Naturopathic Health Centre

Life is all about journeys.

I find myself in an inspiring place in my life at the moment. I have my amazing photography business that I am so grateful to have. I also have my energized office admin job at Halifax Naturopathic Health Centre. Having both of these amazing things in my life definitely motivates me to be a better person.

The women that I work with at Halifax Naturopathic are absolutely hand down amazing. They all bring something great to the table for their patients and to the women they work with.  These Naturopathic Doctors will go beyond anything you have seen to find out the what's and why's to what might be going on with your health. They will absolutely do their research and pull from one another any information that one might have on a certain topic or goal. 

Without a doubt I would 100% give Halifax Naturopathic Health Centre a try as you will be amazed at what they will find with your health. They will set goals and help you along every step of the way with getting your health back on track.

I had the pleasure of photographing these great women for the Dec 2014 Fine Lifestyle Magazine

Many thanks to HNHC ND's