Koren & Chad August 9th 2014

I had been watching the weather all week as a hurricane was coming upon us.  As I parked my car this past Saturday I watched the rain as it started to beat down. Within a span of 15 minutes buckets of rain poured down and then it just stopped. The sun came out with little puffy clouds in the sky. I held my breath with hope that it would hold off until after the ceremony.

Koren and Chard are some of the most warmest and welcoming people i have met. I was honoured to photograph their personal wedding at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic.  Koren and Chad got married with their fathers photos to the right of them as their family and friends surrounded them in the gallery at the museum.

You could see that Koren and Chad had put every bit of them into their wedding from the colours, details, chair selection to the personal vows they read. You both are truly amazing people.

Here's a quick little peek from their wedding day. Congratulations again Koren & Chad!! 


Thank you again for letting me photograph your beautiful day.
Love & Laughter,